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Is it more cost effective to reface your kitchen cabinets?

posted by Kitchen Magic    |   May 25, 2013 12:08

Magic can happen in your kitchen!

Kitchen Refacing is a cabinetry renovation that will re-create your entire kitchen, for about half the cost of replacing your cabinetry. 

Creating that renewed feeling of warmth, comfort and great style in your kitchen. Kitchen refacing does achieve that new kitchen feeling without the high cost and long timeline of a full scale renovation. Move existing cabinetry, change the color and/or style, add function by turning a standard base cabinet into pots and pans drawers, or add new cabinets that tie into your existing layout. You can achieve more space, better function, and a modern renewed kitchen in only a few days. 

When asked to come into your home, I bring samples to view of door styles and colors, species of wood or polymer products, countertops, handles and knobs, and the knowledge to re-create your kitchen to your wants and needs.

Each kitchen is different. Like the people who own them, they are unique. How do you use your kitchen? What function and purpose does it fill? These answers are always different.  But when we get right down to brass tacks, it’s all about a feeling. A feeling of pride, of warmth, of home. 

A past customer once told me that the purpose for the kitchen refacing renovation was to improve the look and feel of the home, before putting the house up for sale. Upon completion, she informed me that they had a change of heart, and were now planning to stay for at least one more year, just to enjoy their new kitchen. 

This is the kitchen that welcomes you home at night, and greets you with a smile in the morning. 

- Donna