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In-Home Consultations

2 easy ways to receive a quotation for your kitchen refacing project.

Book an appointment by calling 280-8232 Or email We will promptly return your call that day. The consultation to receive a quote is free, and only takes a little time. You will be quoted on your kitchen's dimensions, thus your actual bill will not change unless you change something. No surprises here!

Email a few photos of your kitchen to along with a short description of your ideas for your ideal kitchen. We will respond with a quotation, accurate to within $100.00 of actual measure.

Just curious? Call Donna at 280-8232 and chat. Ask as many questions as you need. She will take the time to answer.

Benefits of Refacing VS Replacing

If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen, but need an update, the cost to reface your cabinetry is approximately half the cost of replacing. It’s that simple. It looks great (like new cabinets), you can change the color and style, and it increases the value of your entire home.

Modifying existing cabinetry to better suit your needs and storage requirements is also available, allowing a change in layout and function without the cost of new. .....therefore, less expense and less waste in our landfills.

The process is very quick. You do not need to wait weeks, or months to have the work done. An average size kitchen takes approximately 3 days to complete. Your appliances stay in place and working while we are working, AND you do not need to empty your cabinets, making the entire process easy.

It’s just like Magic!

References: We will provide you with names and contact info of people who have had actual refacing of cabinetry in their homes. Talk to our customers; we encourage it!